Great-Grandfather Holborow’s afternoon tea

cropped-Robert-Holborow-tea-300x300-1.jpgGreat-Grandfather Holborow always paused for a mid-afternoon tea break. A busy merchant, he worked long hours, seven days a week, but understood the importantance of taking time away from the stresses of the workday. By combining calming herbs from his garden with green tea, he created his own blend, one that helped sooth both his stress and his digestion, yet left him revitalized for the chores still ahead.  At t’sane we’re excited to have recreated Great-Grandfather’s famous blend just in time for Christmas.  We thought about what Mr. Holborow grew in his English garden and added Linden tree leaf & flower with Chamomile and rose petals to a high quality organic green tea.  I think you’ll love the result – this tea’s a delicate yellow in the cup, aromatic, naturally sweet and pleasing to the palate with just the right touch of green tea for a brew that’s not only tasty – it’s great for people on the go!