Ruby Rainchild was born from my dream to create an herbal tea that is brimming with good properties, and can be enjoyed by all ages. No one was more surprised than me when it also turned out to be the most delicious tea I’ve ever tasted!  It’s robustly beautiful and exquisitely tasty – bright red in the cup with satisfying hints of elderflower; aromatic lemongrass and spearmint kissed by the tartness of hibiscus and  rose hips; the citrusy scent of orange peel, and lightly brushed with the natural sweetness of stevia leaf.

Ruby’s name came organically from the tropical beauty of the hibiscus and my vision of creating a pure herbal  tea that is as delightful hot as it is cold. As the “first lady” of my line of certified organic herbal teas, she is now surrounded by a family of equally gorgeous and equally diverse sister teas – Zen Zelda, Dreamy Daisy, and Steamboat Sally.  You’ll want to try all of them, but I suggest you first get acquainted with Ruby, my premier (and best-selling) blend.  Order on-line or find us at select Farmer’s Markets in Alberta and British Columbia. T’sane is a very small family-owned company of tea lovers. We blend in small batches and, when you order, we will be blending just for you.
Ruby Rainchild