Whew! It’s hot today. I’m sitting outside with a deliciously icy glass of t’sane’s Ruby Rainchild (hibiscus and elderflower) tea in hand. It’s fabulous, you must try it! 

Even though I’m in the shade, I’m glad I put on my sunblock – not sunscreen. So, what’s The Difference?

A sunscreen uses chemicals to absorb the UV rays. While, there hasn’t been much study done on sunscreens, I’ve come down on the side of caution because these chemicals are absorbed into the skin.

A sunblock (also known as physical sunscreen) uses minerals (most commonly zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) sit on the surface and physically reflect the UV rays. Because these minerals are not absorbed into the skin, they are usually considered safe for use on young children.

But seriously folks, topical lotions and sprays can help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays, but, as with everything, don’t overdo it. Sitting in the shade with a ruby red, thirst quenching glass of iced tea is simply divine.