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Great-Grandfather Holborow’s afternoon tea

Great-Grandfather Holborow always paused for a mid-afternoon tea break. A busy merchant, he worked long hours, seven days a week, but understood the importantance of taking time away from the stresses of the workday. By combining calming herbs from his garden with green tea, he created his own blend, one that helped sooth both his stress and his digestion, yet left him revitalized for the chores still ahead.  At t’sane we’re excited to have recreated Great-Grandfather’s famous blend just in time for Christmas.  We thought about what Mr. Holborow grew in his English garden and added Linden tree leaf & flower with Chamomile and rose petals to a high quality organic green tea.  I think you’ll love the result – this tea’s a delicate yellow in the cup, aromatic, naturally sweet and pleasing to the palate with just the right touch of green tea for a brew that’s not only tasty – it’s great for people on the go!


BLENDING YOUR OWN SIMPLE TISANES (HERBAL TEAS) By:  Donna Easto, C.H., H.C., H.E. Blending your own herbal teas doesn’t have to be a mystery. First, decide whether you want a drinking tea or a medicinal tea, or a blend of both (in which case the difference lies in the length of the brewing time, not necessarily the ingredients). Next, decide what you want the tea to target, for example hay fever.  Then choose an herb that is primary for hay fever, let’s take Stinging Nettle as a great example, it has immune-stimulating properties as well as being strongly anti-inflammatory. You can then add a complementary herb such as Ginger Root,  which is anti-inflammatory and warms your feet and toes by improving circulation; or Elderflower or Sage.  Since Ginger, Sage, and Elderflower taste really good, you need add nothing else to your tisane.  Your ratio should be 80% Nettle to 20% complementary: Ginger Root (fresh is great) or Elder Flower, if using sage, I’d want to add a bit less. If you have gallstones, don’t use Ginger, and if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant, don’t use Sage. Looking for ways to boost healthy bone minerals?  Consider making a…


Ruby Rainchild was born from my dream to create an herbal tea that is brimming with good properties, and can be enjoyed by all ages. No one was more surprised than me when it also turned out to be the most delicious tea I’ve ever tasted!  It’s robustly beautiful and exquisitely tasty – bright red in the cup with satisfying hints of elderflower; aromatic lemongrass and spearmint kissed by the tartness of hibiscus and  rose hips; the citrusy scent of orange peel, and lightly brushed with the natural sweetness of stevia leaf. Ruby’s name came organically from the tropical beauty of the hibiscus and my vision of creating a pure herbal  tea that is as delightful hot as it is cold. As the “first lady” of my line of certified organic herbal teas, she is now surrounded by a family of equally gorgeous and equally diverse sister teas – Zen Zelda, Dreamy Daisy, and Steamboat Sally.  You’ll want to try all of them, but I suggest you first get acquainted with Ruby, my premier (and best-selling) blend.  Order on-line or find us at select Farmer’s Markets in Alberta and British Columbia. T’sane is a very small family-owned company of tea…

hara hachi bu

I love all kinds of tea, but I have a problem with detox and weight loss teas: classified as dietary supplements, the manufacturers can tell you whatever they want about the wonderful effects of their tea without any hard evidence to support their statements. Many of these “skinny” teas contain laxatives. There’s not much evidence that products with laxative herbs can help in weight loss. In fact, cathartic herbs like Senna can cause stomach troubles, cramps, diarrhea; the continued use of cathartics can lead to abnormal bowel function and changes to electrolytes. The detox craze: why do we think we need some special products to help us detox? Our body has the means to keep us healthy and “detoxed,” that’s what our liver is for! Unfortunately, we don’t treat it well enough to let it perform its job properly. As an alternative, we embark on the latest trend, often because our favorite celebrity is shown holding up some tea. Instead of buying into some new-found fad, which makes claims nobody can hold to, why not opt for an overall healthier lifestyle? Drinking plenty of water is nature’s way to detox your body. Enjoy some organic green tea or Matcha tea…


Whew! It’s hot today. I’m sitting outside with a deliciously icy glass of t’sane’s Ruby Rainchild (hibiscus and elderflower) tea in hand. It’s fabulous, you must try it!  Even though I’m in the shade, I’m glad I put on my sunblock – not sunscreen. So, what’s The Difference? A sunscreen uses chemicals to absorb the UV rays. While, there hasn’t been much study done on sunscreens, I’ve come down on the side of caution because these chemicals are absorbed into the skin. A sunblock (also known as physical sunscreen) uses minerals (most commonly zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) sit on the surface and physically reflect the UV rays. Because these minerals are not absorbed into the skin, they are usually considered safe for use on young children. But seriously folks, topical lotions and sprays can help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays, but, as with everything, don’t overdo it. Sitting in the shade with a ruby red, thirst quenching glass of iced tea is simply divine.

Steamboat Sally

A caffeine free energy tea to simulate your mind grapes & focus on important matters. A healthy alternative to Energy Drinks. Ingredients: Hibiscus Flower, Schisandra berry, Cinnamon (sweet) chips. Lemon peeel, Peppermint leaf, & a pinch of Stevia herb.

Dreamy Daisy

Description: Serious help for the sleepless. Combine some of natures best non-toxic, non addictive sleep aids, pain relievers and relaxants.   Ingredients: Lemon Balm herb, Passionflower herb, Skullcap herb,Hops flower, Hibiscus flower SKU: 644761977869 $20 CAD  [wp_cart_button name=”Dreamy Daisy” price=”20.00″]

Zen Zelda

A meditation blend for mindful moments. Ingredients: Chamomile flower, Lemon Verbena Herb, Spearmint leaf, Peppermint leaf, Lavender flower, Rose petals & natural Stevia herb. Origins: Egypt, Romania, Canada, Mexico and USA. SKU: 644761977906 $8 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Zen Zelda” price=”8.00″]
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